Lake Country Discovery Museum to Host The High Sheriff of Greene Book Launch 9/15!

The High Sheriff of Greene Book Launch, Sept. 15, Lake Country Discovery Museum

All of Greene County has been waiting for The High Sheriff of Greene to arrive.  The book is now here.  It will be unveiled at the Greene County Book Launch, at the Lake Country Discovery Museum in the BankSouth building on Linger Longer Rd.  The public is invited on Thursday, September 15, from 5:00- 7:00 pm for this long-awaited event.

The book by Claire Underwood Hertzler is the story of Greene County’s legendary Sheriff, L.L. Wyatt. Wyatt was recruited to Greene County during the 1920’s to break up the county’s thriving moonshine industry. The county Greene was seen as the moonshine capital of Georgia, furnishing its sought-after corn whiskey to the top hotels in Atlanta. His battles with the bootleggers, at the height of prohibition, made Wyatt bigger than life.  As his fearlessness, his agility, his honesty and his fairness in enforcing the law exhibited itself again and again, the effect rippled throughout the county Greene and swept all citizens up in the aura of L.L. Wyatt.

Bolstered by a sense that God was protecting him, Wyatt was totally fearless.  In five years, he transformed the reputation of Greene County to one of the most crime free in Georgia.  He was “shot at, spit upon, bitten, and cursed,” but for 53 years, Wyatt maintained the respect of all.  At 70 years of age, Wyatt received national acclaim and the attention of Hollywood when he put his own life at stake to stop the getaway car of armed bank robbers and freed their hostages.

More than a story out of the past, his story shows the reader that one person can change his/her culture.  He will challenge law enforcement and culture alike to uphold a firm respect for the law while enforcing that law in a manner that preserves the dignity of the person.  Long before integration, Wyatt was known as “the black peoples’ friend” and “the white peoples’ friend.”  Each life mattered to Sheriff L.L. Wyatt.  He was a community police officer and sheriff before there were any.

Hertzler, a graduate of Greensboro High School and Mercer University, remembers hearing the words, “There go Wyatt and Taylor (his deputy),” often and always said with respect.  She especially enjoyed digging through multiple news stories and conducting over thirty-five oral interviews, including countless conversations with Wyatt’s son and daughter-in-law Sonny and Madeleine Wyatt.  Hertzler says, “The birthing of this book has been a thrilling journey of renewing acquaintences, re-appreciating my roots, and reliving the Wyatt legacy.  I would say this book about our Mr. Sheriff has been written by the people of Greene County.”  Hertzler found the legendary status of Wyatt is very much alive in the County Greene.

The Book Launch will include Book Highlights and Presentations of Guests from 5:45 – 6:10.  A drawing for three free books will be held at 6:05.  Books will be available for purchase and autographs all evening, priced at $15.95.  Advance orders through or author below.

Author Contact: or 404-357-2108.




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